Jessi Robertson

Jessi Robertson

Lyrics from an old soul translated through the deep lens of rock and roll. 


In 2011, Brooklyn singer/songwriter Jessi Robertson released a study in memory called "Small Town Girls." On her upcoming album, "I Came from the War," the focus shifts to history, and how the inner and outer conflicts of the past shape a person's present.  

While we've become experts in the art of the perfect self-image, Jessi remains fascinated by the accidental beauty revealed in the imperfections; the hopeless romantic who spurns love, the stubborn pride covering a grievous wound, the unshakable faith that no amount of darkness can kill.

These contradictions are faithfully captured in the live performances on "I Came from the War." There's room to roam from a ghostly lullaby croon to a wild banshee wail, supported by the lush instrumentation of band mates Omer Leibovitz (The Courtesy Tier, Dan Abraham), Alex Picca (The Press), and Layton Weedeman (The Courtesy Tier).


Came From The War is scheduled to be released on December 9th, 2014, with a pre-release party at Union Hall on December 5th featuring performances by Dan Abraham, Jessi Robertson, and Richard Buckner

Pre-order vinyl, CD, and digital on Bandcamp.

"Robertson has a voice that sounds like you imagine a hard life would sound, if a hard life could put its ups and downs to song."

- John Allman,


"Jessi is staggeringly vulnerable in her music. She risks all for the truth. But it’s a truth that’s sung with beautiful, soul-weary vocals that resonate with compassion, making Robertson’s performance absolutely mesmerizing."

- Allen Foster, Songwriter's Monthly Magazine


“This New York singer-songwriter draws comparisons to equally spirited alt-folk muses Tori Amos and PJ Harvey. But with her quavering, spiritual verses, the analogy she deserves is with Jeff Buckley, gender difference or no.”

- Editor’s Review, c|net


Photos by Jean Sweep